"Helping children that are being abused in the Foster Care System"

Rob L. Garris founded the Throwaway Kids Foundation, Inc. in 2004. This entity was formed due the overwhelming issues regarding the foster care system in America. Rob’s purpose and mission with this foundation is to form a coalition across the country to monitor the foster care system and bring changes within the system to protect and support all children in foster care as well as Adoptees. Those who are looking to obtain medical and birth records to become familiar with their history and identity are all causes that Rob works diligently to advocate for with local and national politicians as well as informing and educating his community and the surrounding communities of the injustice in the system.

Attempt to reunify children of the Foster Care System with their Biological family.

The primary goals and objectives of Throwaykids Foundation is:

* Protect kids in Foster Care by monitoring supervisory processes.
* To develop relationships with all agencies, especially grassroots organizations to bring about change in the Foster Care System.
* To be a voice of support for caseworkers who are extensively understaffed and underpaid affecting the quality of service to the Children in Foster Care System.
To form a service for adoptees with their families.